A Path Forward

At Fairleigh Dickinson University, our online programs offer more than just a way to earn a degree. They provide a path towards your future.

The online education format at FDU is designed with your success in mind. When you enroll, you’ll discover a host of unique advantages to online learning.

Online learning makes it possible for you to study flexibly. You’ll be able to choose when and where you want to attend class, and earn your degree while keeping your commitments to work and life. You’ll also study at your own pace. An online degree gives you the opportunity to spend as much time with instructional materials as you want, and adjust your degree path based on your learning needs.

FDU’s online programs offer the same course of study and level of academic excellence as the on-campus counterparts. You’ll have access to the same experienced faculty, all of whom are dedicated to your success as a student. You’ll also connect with your peers. FDU is dedicated to facilitating a supportive community of scholars, a concept which translates to every campus and learning platform we offer.

Finally, the online student is special. Online learning is a largely independent endeavor, which means those who choose to earn their degree must be exceptionally motivated, with a drive to succeed. Students in FDU’s online programs graduate not only with the credentials required for a better career, but a better understanding of their own fortitude and excellence.


Mission Statement

The mission of the FDU Online Division is to provide access to non-traditional adult learners, who would otherwise be unable to take part in our high-quality graduate academic programs. We strive to provide a learning experience that is inclusive, engaging, meaningful, and sets our students on a path towards a fulfilling career.