State Licensure Requirements

The requirements and names for the social work licenses can vary from state to state. States also determine social workers’ scope of practice as well as the titles they can use. While most states have processes for reciprocity and for transferring licenses from another state, some states will require you to go through the application process as a new applicant.

These links provide detailed information about licensing guidelines and requirements in each state. For additional questions about state licensing and the online MSW program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, please contact an enrollment counselor at (833) 272-5348 or request more information today!

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Fieldwork Overview

The fieldwork component of Social Work education is an essential facet to advancing students into practitioners. At the graduate level, this practice experience is critical in the preparation of competent professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of clients and constituencies. Field education allows students to apply theory, research, and practice approaches learned in the classroom to real-world situations, while functioning within agencies, providing Social Work services to clients and constituencies. This opportunity allows students to observe and participate in professional Social Work practices with various populations, organizational settings, problems/needs, and approaches.

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MSW (FDU MSW) program relies upon agencies and associated Social Work entities to deliver high-quality experiential education to its students. Maintaining strong relationships between the university and our field partners are critically important and continued communication a necessity. Each student will work with: a field instructor, an identified field supervisor; a faculty liaison, an FDU faculty member and point person to keep the agency and university connected; and the FDU MSW field coordinator, director of all fieldwork experience. Providing the student with such supports allows them to thrive and balance their education and fieldwork experiences. It also ensures students’ education and professional development remains the focus of all experiences.

Review Frequently Asked Questions about the Fieldwork requirement.

Field Instructor Requirements

  1. Hold an MSW degree with 2+ years’ experience and capable of engaging the student(s) in supervision on a regular basis
  2. Maintain or able to complete any state/regional supervisory certification(s) as necessary, as well as available to complete any programmatic FDU MSW field instructor training(s)
  3. Demonstrate sound judgement, leadership, and practice skills that are aligned with the professional ethics and values of social work
  4. Able to collaborate with student(s) on the development of learning tasks, complete evaluations, and take part in site visits (once a semester/in-person or virtual)

If you have any questions or would like to become a field instructor, please contact Dr. Andrea Cole ( for more information.

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