We at Fairleigh Dickinson University are committed to supporting our students through every step of the college experience. To ensure each student receives everything they need to achieve academic and professional success, we offer a team of qualified specialists to assist with specific student needs. Whether you have questions about course enrollment, financial aid, or new academic opportunities, our experts can help.

Enrollment Counselor

Immediately after you express interest in our programs, our trained enrollment counselors are ready to help you understand the application process. They’ll provide guidance for your questions about admissions, transcripts, transfer credits, and anything else you need during the enrollment process. Working together, they’ll help you set educational goals and start your journey at FDU.

Katie Tressel, Director of Enrollment

Transcript Team

Our transcript collection team will work to obtain your transcripts for you, if possible. Fill out the official transcript request form supplied to you by your enrollment counselor and we’ll work behind the scenes to gather your transcripts. Please be aware that in some cases the school we are requesting from will only accept direct requests from the student, in which case your enrollment counselor will notify you to make the request.

Online Advisor

Once you’re accepted, our dedicated online advisors help you stay on track. Knowledgeable in your area of study, they’ll monitor your progress and guide you through any bumps along the way. Our online advisors build a personal connection with every student, so you’ll always have a teammate while you’re here.

Dani DeVincentis, Online Advising Team Lead
Brittany Reinhart, Retention Manager

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